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Website Information

This website was created by and is maintained by residents of Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads. A team of residents, led by a resident webmaster and supported by staff in specific areas, shares responsibility for overseeing management of the site as well as adding and editing content. In addition to the individuals listed below, many other residents gather, organize, and edit content within the larger topics. If you are interested in helping maintain this website, please contact one of the webmasters listed below.

GHBC residents may request a password to the Resident Directory by contacting Claudia Blake at or calling extension 7485.

GHBC Life Enrichment pays for hosting and domain fees associated with maintaining the website. Our other expenses (paying our website developer for structural changes) are paid through contributions from residents. These contributions are made by writing a check to the GH Foundation with Resident Website written on the memo line. Your contribution is tax deductible. 

Questions or comments about the website should be addressed to the one of the webmasters. 

Webmasters: Claudia Blake,; Carol Lewis,

Home page photos: Sally Recinos

Announcements: Nancy DeMarco, Carol Lewis

Coming Events: Sally Recinos, Nancy DeMarco, Carol Lewis

        Residential/Independent Living:  Nancy DeMarco
        Health Care Center, Assisted Living, and The Terrace: Marc Weingrad

New Residents: Betty Reinecke

In Memoriam: Jamie Blake, Theresa Brion, Christy Clark-Bolden

Resident Directory:
        Names & Apartments: Claudia Blake, Carol Lewis, Betty Reinecke
        Photographs: Betty Reinecke

Staff Directory: Susan Daniels

Resident Showcase
        Editors: Carol Lewis, Claudia Blake
        Writers: Jane Coughran, Nancy DeMarco, Sally Recinos, Anne Stewart

Resident Handbook: Claudia Blake

West Winds Newsletter: Jamie Blake

Activities and Events: Wren Gurney, Carol Lewis

Council and Committees: Claudia Blake

Dining Services: Sally Recinos, Carol Lewis, Claudia Blake

Health Services: Claudia Blake

Spiritual Life: Betty Reinecke

Special Services: Carol Lewis

Editors: Carol Lewis; Betty Reinecke

Photographers: Peg Bethany, Ric Blacksten, Wren Gurney, Margaret Sullivan





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