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Important Information & Maps
You should be contacted by a greeter on your floor within a day or two of moving in. The greeter provides important information as well as giving you a friendly source for the answers to your questions. If you are not contacted or have additional questions you would like to ask, please click HERE for a list of greeters. If you’ve lost track of the information from your greeter or just want to see an updated version, click HERE.

Are you wondering how to best find out what is going on at GHBC? Click HERE to find information about the resident website, West Winds and other publications, and community meetings you will want to attend. Click HERE for frequently called GHBC support services. 

It's easy to get lost when you are in your first few months at GHBC. Maps to GHBC areas are listed below. Click on the link to see the relevant map. Occasional tours are scheduled for Newcomer Meetings and are listed in the schedule (above) as relevant.

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