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The Employee Gift Fund
The GHBC Employee Gift Fund is the annual campaign, entirely run by resident volunteers, that raises money to distribute to all GHBC staff below the level of "director/administrator" to thank them for their service throughout the year. The annual Employee Gift Fund is the only way our employees can receive gifts from residents and residents' families. The 2020 campaign kicks off on October 30 and closes on November 29.

Goodwin House has a very strict no-gifts policy. Employees are forbidden from accepting gifts or gratuities of any kind. Doing so leads to their dismissal. However, each fall, with the endorsement and cooperation of Goodwin House management, residents raise and distribute funds to show their appreciation to our amazing employees. Contributions to this fund can be made at any time by writing a check payable to the GHBC Employee Gift Fund and placing it in the "Employee Gift Fund" box in the Mailroom. Many residents find it easier to budget a monthly amount rather than a large amount in November. You can donate any time. Checks received throughout the year will be applied to the 2020 campaign.
All employees, except officers, directors/administrators and contract workers, receive a year-end gift from the Fund. Each employee receives a pro-rated share determined by employment status (full time, part time or on call), and length of service. Last year, just over 500 checks were written, in amounts ranging from $50 to $2,360. Details on the formula are spelled out in the Employee Gift Fund Charter; see the link at the bottom of this page.
Each resident or family decides what to donate, weighing gratitude to staff against their own financial circumstances. A suggested range of giving is $4 to $7 per day times the number of days you will live here this year. Full-year residents would multiply by 365 days. If you are donating as a couple, you would then double that amount. Residents may give more, of course!

The Gift Fund is our way to express gratitude for the loving service of our employees. It is nearly impossible to count the ways in which they help us every single day: Service through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, nutritious meals delivered to our doors, medical support and personal care to meet our health needs, weekly housekeeping, laundry, trash and snow removal, maintenance and repairs, and much, much more.

Donations to the Employee Gift Fund are not tax deductible. Our gifts to employees are gifts, not tips. Tips are taxable; our gifts to our staff are not taxable to them. The campaign is not a 501(c)(3). It is a resident-run campaign, with a resident-managed bank account. 

No. Only two people will see your check: Executive Assistant Jamie Blake who makes out the deposit slip, and the bank teller. The Gift Fund treasurer receives a sealed envelope from Jamie Blake for each deposit to take to the bank.

October 30: Fund raising campaign kicks off. Theme and goal announced.
November 2: Learn more about the campaign at the Resident Community Meeting, 10 a.m. Channel 2.
November 29: Last day to make a contribution to be included in this year's fund.
November 30 - December 1: Resident volunteers write checks.
December 2: Resident volunteers sign checks.
December 3: Resident volunteers stuff checks in envelopes.
December 4: Checks distributed to staff.


Residents who wish to set up automatic payments from their bank accounts may contribute monthly (or on any regular basis) by designating “GHBC Employee Gift Fund” in the Pay To line of their check. Families wishing to support the Employee Gift Fund should make them payable to GHBC Employee Gift Fund. All checks can be mailed to: Jamie Blake, Executive Assistant, Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads, 3440 S. Jefferson St., Falls Church, VA 22041


The Employee Gift Fund Committee is responsible for the overall operation of the annual campaign to solicit and receive monetary donations from residents and families for distribution to GHBC employees as gifts at year end. It meets as needed. Residents interested in participating are invited to contact one of the co-chairs. The 2020 co-chairs are Nancy DeMarco, apt. 520, ext. 7372, and Eleanor "Ellie" Karro, apt. 424, ext. 7466, Treasurer is Christie Donald, apt. 1373, ext. 3191,

The Committee's Charter, approved by the Resident Council, spells out the organization and responsibilities of the Fund, and spells out the formula for distribution of money to employees. Click HERE for the Employee Gift Fund Charter.

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Employee Gift Fund
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