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Charter & Bylaws August 2015
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Table of Contents:

I. Charter of the Resident Council

II. Bylaws of the Resident Council

A. Council and Committee Operating Procedures

B. Council Member Election Procedures pages

III. Council Position Statement

Resident Council Liaison to the Strategic Planning Team

IV. Council Committee Charters

Council Charter Adopted February 1988
Most recent update:  June 2019


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Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads Charter Of The Resident Council


  1. The Resident Council of Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads (GHBC) shall consist of fourteen (14) persons elected by the community of residents. The Executive Director of GHBC will be an ex officio non-voting member of the Council.
  2. The purposes of the Resident Council are:
    1. To represent the interests of residents in relations with management and the Board of Trustees;
    2. To maintain open channels of communication between management and residents;
    3. To receive and act upon suggestions, questions and observations from residents;
    4. To promote the health, comfort, security and social well-being of residents;
    5. To cultivate a spirit of cooperation and enjoyment among residents through encouraging their participation in GHBC activities, governance and cultural interests.



  1. Members of the Council shall be elected as follows:

a. Thirteen Representatives will be chosen at-large by vote of residents. Any resident with the approval of the nominee may make nominations. Names of all nominees shall be placed on a ballot provided to all residents, who may vote for the same number of nominees as there are vacancies. Nominees who receive the largest number of total votes cast including absentee and proxy ballots shall be declared elected. If the winner cannot be determined for the final council vacancy because of a tie vote, a runoff election shall be promptly conducted for that vacancy. If the number of nominees is the same as the number of vacancies, the nominees shall be declared elected.

b. One representative from Assisted Living will be chosen by a vote of assisted living residents. The nomination and election process will be essentially the same as stated above.

c. The Council will issue instructions concerning nomination and election procedures in the Bylaws.

  1. The term of office for all members of the Council shall be two years with one-half the members elected each year. Members of the Council may serve a second consecutive two-year term, but are not eligible for a subsequent term unless at least one year has elapsed after serving the second term. In case of a vacancy for any reason, the Council Chair, with the approval of the Council, will appoint a resident to fill the remainder of the term. If a Council member serves more than one year of a term, his or her service shall count as a full term toward the two-term limitation.
  2. Elections of Council members shall take place annually within a period specified by the outgoing Council. The new Council shall take office January 1 and serve for one year.
  3. Prior to the new Council taking office, the outgoing council and the newly-elected Council members shall meet jointly.  At the joint meeting, the members of the outgoing Council who will transition to the new Council and the newly elected members of council shall elect from among their members a Chair and a Vice Chair, who with the new Council shall take office January 1.
  4. The Chair of the Council shall appoint a Secretary of the Council, who shall prepare the minutes of all Council meetings and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chair or the Council.



  1. The Council shall meet at least monthly, and more frequently if called by the Chair or requested by a majority of the members. A copy of its minutes shall be available in published form to all residents. The Chair or Vice Chair of the Council shall preside at meetings of the Council and of residents and minutes will be taken at meetings.
  2. Semi-annual Meetings of all residents shall be convened each spring and fall. The Executive Director will be invited to present a review of the past six months of GHBCoperations and a look toward the future.  The Chair of the Board of Trustees and the President/CEO of Goodwin House Inc. shall also be invited to report to residents on corporate operations, plans and policies.  



The Council shall promulgate Bylaws providing for its own operating procedures, for nomination and election provisions supplementing the Charter, and for Committee Charters and procedures. The Council shall establish such Committees as it may from time to time determine to be desirable in the achievement of its objectives. The Chair shall appoint Committee Chairs, subject to Council approval, who need not be members of the Council.


The Council shall submit proposed revisions or amendments of this Council Charter to residents for approval at a Community Meeting. The text of all changes shall be distributed to residents with explanatory materials ten days in advance to provide time for consideration. Ratification shall require an affirmative vote by two-thirds of all residents present and voting.

Amended Charter approved by GHBC Resident Community – 2 December 2019



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Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads Bylaws Of The Resident Council


  1. The Resident Community consisting of the residents of Goodwin House Bailey s Crossroads shall normally meet each month at the call of the Resident Council Chair. The Chair shall publish in advance to the Resident Community the topics to be covered at the monthly meeting, including those of the semi-annual meetings with the Chair of the Board of Trustees, and the Chief Executive Officer, or their designees, of Goodwin House, Inc.
  2. The Resident Council shall meet regularly each month at the call of the Chair. The Chair shall distribute the agenda of the monthly meeting in advance of the meeting.
  3. Council and Community meetings are open to all residents, and residents are encouraged to attend and participate. Only Council members may vote at Resident Council meetings.
  4. The Council Chair, promptly after assuming office, will submit to the Council for approval the names of the chartered Committee Chairs for the ensuing year, and thereafter whenever vacancies and changes occur. For the Committees that are not chaired by a Council member, the Chair will appoint a Liaison from the Council who will attend all the Committee meetings and, in collaboration with the Committee Chair, report regularly to the Council matters regarding the committee’s activities.
  5. Membership in Committees is open to all residents, and they are encouraged to participate. The Chair of the Council shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. Each Committee shall periodically review and, if necessary, prepare a revision of the committee charter. The charters of new committees and revisions of current committee charters shall be submitted to the Resident Council for review and adoption. The approved Charters will be included in Section C of the Council By-Laws.
  6. Committees shall have authority to deal directly with the Management of Goodwin House Bailey s Crossroads and its residents to accomplish the goals of the Council.
  7. The Committees shall act in a cooperative manner with Management for the common goal of contributing to the best possible operation of GHBC and for the quality of life for residents.
  8. If a Committee concern overlaps with those of other committees, the Committee Chairs involved should consult and work together to achieve their mutual concerns.
  9. Committee Chairs shall refer and/or make recommendations to the Council regarding the following:
    1. Matters that would require significant budget revisions or that involve important changes in precedent or policy.
    2. Matters that have a significant impact on residents and that the Committee Chairs consider important enough to warrant Council consideration.
    3. On matters that may require communication with the Board of Trustees, the Council shall first consult with Management. No communication with the Board of Trustees shall take place without prior consultation with Management.
    4. Any other matter that in the judgment of the Committee Chair or the Committee should be brought to the attention of the Council.
  1. The Secretary shall take minutes for each Resident Council meeting. The Secretary's draft of the minutes shall be given to the Chair of the Council to verify completeness and accuracy before distribution to the Resident Council for approval. Formal approval of the minutes shall normally take place early on the agenda at the next Council meeting. A recording of the events at the Resident Community meeting and the Council Minutes will be placed in the Library. When formal proposals or presentations are to be made, at either Council meetings or Resident Community meetings, a copy shall be given to the Secretary for accurate recording.
  2. All committee meetings are open and residents are welcome to attend. They may be invited to ask questions or make comments.
  3. Management representatives, Council members, Committee Chairs, or residents desiring to make presentations to the Council should notify the Chair in advance of the meeting to be included on the agenda.
  4. The Chair of the Resident Council of GHBC is an ex-officio non-voting member of the Goodwin House, Inc., Board of Directors. If the Chair is a member of the Board of Trustees, the Council shall designate which of its members shall serve as the ex-officio non-voting member to represent the residents of GHBC. Attendance at quarterly meetings of the Board of Trustees provides an open channel of communication for the residents to express their concerns and viewpoints to the Board of Trustees and top corporate management. The Chair shall keep the Council and residents informed about non-confidential concerns and actions of the Board.


  1. Schedule. Elections of one-half of the Resident Council members will be held in December each year and the new Council will take office in January. 
  2. Nominating Procedure. The nominating process is open to participation by all residents as nominees and as sponsors. As it is desirable to have contested elections with more candidates than open seats on the Council, residents are encouraged to nominate several residents whom they believe would serve as able Council members. The process starts by the submission of a nominating form and brief biographical information. The names of the nominees will appear on a printed ballot and the information widely publicized prior to the election.
    1. The nominating form will be completed and signed by a resident willing to serve on the Resident Council . It shall also be signed by another resident willing to act as sponsor. The nominating form signed by the nominee and sponsor shall be accompanied by the following:

Resident Council Statement of Responsibility:

“If elected I will accept responsibility to:

          • attend the Resident Council Business Meeting, Community Meeting, and Town Hall monthly meetings and represent the interests of residents.
          • receive and act upon suggestions and observations of attentive to the comfort, security and well-being of residents. communicate to the Council about matters of resident concern and interest, and to residents about Council activities and actions.
          • serve as a liaison to a Council Committee and perform other Council assignments as may be assigned by the Council Chair
                              Nominee Signature______________________________ Date ______________
                              Sponsor Signature_______________________________ Date ______________
    b. After the election, candidates’ statements of responsibility shall be given to the Council Chair.
    c. Each nominee will also complete a short, printed form outlining basic background information.
     d. The Election Committee will arrange for photos of all nominees and preparation of shared election displays.

3. Removing a Member.  If the Chair finds that a member of the Council is not fulfilling the obligations set forth in the Statement of Responsibilities, the member shall be so advised and given 30 days in which to correct the deficiencies. If the deficiencies are not corrected without good cause during the 30 day period, the Chair shall explain the situation to the Council. The Council shall give the failing member an opportunity to refute the statement. If the Council finds the explanations unsatisfactory, it may remove the member by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the other members of the Council.

4.  Election Publicity. All election publicity shall be undertaken only by and through the Election Committee which shall widely publicize the election by various means, such as notices in WEST WINDS, special newsletters and flyers, shared biographical and photo displays in public areas, GHBC TV channel 2, candidate forums, receptions and other events at its discretion.

5.  Voter Eligibility. Residents on all floors, including interested residents in the Health Care Unit, are eligible to vote for candidates for the thirteen at-large positions on the Council. In addition, residents in Assisted Living may vote for an assisted living representative to serve on the Council.

Updated June 3, 2019


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